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First you fell in love.

Then you got married.

Now you have a gaggle of kids who need to GO TO SLEEP!

A well-rested family is a happy family.  A consistent bedtime routine helps kids get to sleep.  Sleeping kids equal happy parents.  It is a positive sleep cycle that benefits the whole family.

Playing Delicate: Piano Lullabies as part of a loving bedtime routine eases your kids to sleep.  Rock or sing for the first song, then give a kiss goodnight and let your child fall asleep to the music.  As part of a consistent nightly bedtime routine, it will help ease separation anxiety and develop sleep cues for your family.  If you have a Sonos® in your nursery, it is as easy as the touch of a button.

We know this works because we’ve used it nearly every night for eight years for our own three children.  The soothing lullabies are unique enough to capture attention, but progressively slow down to lead children into dreamland.  These songs relax the whole family and turn bedtime battles into a loving ritual.

But you don’t have to trust us, just listen for yourself…

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One Family’s Experience

Both of our daughters IMMEDIATELY fell asleep whenever we turned on this album. I think the wandering melodies promote total relaxation. This album was a lifesaver whether playing in the nursery or on a long car trip. Love traditional lullabies, but buy this album when you’re ready for something new and different that works. ~ KMS&TMS

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There may be times when you are out in public and your child is inconsolable.

When this happens, you will be glad you have the Delicate: Piano Lullabies app in your pocket.

The Delicate: Piano Lullabies app syncs the entire album to ever-changing shapes and colors that soothe and mesmerize.

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