Get Sleep Show for iPhone / iPad

Sleep Show combines soothing, original piano lullabies with ever-changing shapes and colors to help you or a loved one fall asleep.

Sleep Show Features:
* 13 Original Piano Lullabies (over 30 minutes of music)
* Airplay 2 (stream the lullabies to your Airplay speakers)
* Sleep Timer (15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes)
* Auto-Start option (great if you’re holding a baby in one arm and your phone in the other)
* Repeat
* Animation Controls
* Customizable Soundtrack (remove lullabies leaving only your favorites)
* Background Play (keeps playing after you lock your screen)

The lullabies become gentler and more soothing as the show rolls along. If you are using it with a child, you can start the show and be confident that your child will be asleep by the time the show is over.

Sleep Show can be just as effective without the visuals. Lock the screen and let the lullabies work their soothing magic on their own.

The Sleep Show lullabies can be listened to many, many times before the typical listener becomes tired of them. In fact, the more they are heard, the more soothing and enjoyable they become.

Want to stream the lullabies through Apple Music? Some of the Sleep Show lullabies are available through the major music streaming services. Find them by searching for artist, J. Cohen.

What can Sleep Show do better? Please share your thoughts in a review or email feedback through the app.