Get Sleep Show for iPhone / iPad

Sleep Show for iPhone / iPad can help you, or someone you love fall asleep with shifting shapes and colors set to soothing, original piano lullabies.

What Makes Sleep Show Special?

My lullaby writing process includes listening and re-listening to passages over and over again, making adjustments until the music sounds just right.  If I get tired of listening to something over and over again, I change it into something I can listen to repeatedly without growing tired of it.  If you share my taste in sleep-inducing piano lullaby music, you’ll find that you can listen to these lullabies every day without growing tired of them.

Another thing that makes these lullabies special is that they’re accessible to newborn ears.  They’re simple enough for very young children to follow yet complex enough to stay fresh.

How Does it Work?

If you don’t touch the settings, Sleep Show will produce shapes that transform, change color and glide across the screen in time with eleven original piano lullabies that become softer and more soothing as the shows rolls along.

But perhaps you would prefer to have your three favorite Sleep Show lullabies play on repeat for 30 minutes while a stationary moon sits in the middle of the screen and changes color at half speed?

Sleep Show is highly customizable so experiment with the settings and find the Sleep Show that works best for you.

Are You a New Parent?

If so, congratulations! And, if you’re anything like us, I feel your pain. I was a sleep-deprived zombie during the five years we brought our three children into the world before they began sleeping through the night.

One feature new parents might want to enable is Auto-Start.  Once enabled, launching the app launches the show.  Pretty handy when your hands are tied up with your new bundle of joy.

Another thing to consider for new parents is that your baby’s brain is developing at an explosive rate.  If you are using a noise machine to help your baby fall asleep, adding these lullabies may greatly benefit your baby’s brain development.  I don’t know how our three kids would have turned out if they hadn’t listened to these lullabies every night, but it certainly didn’t hurt.

Lock the Screen

You may have heard that viewing light from our phones and tablets at night can interfere with our circadian rhythms.  Sleep Show has you covered with background play, which gives you the option to lock the screen and let the lullabies lull you to sleep all by themselves.

The More the Better

The more you use Sleep Show, the more effective it becomes.  By your tenth play-through, you should have familiar, comforting lullabies that double as sleep cues.

Try Before You Buy

Not sure if Sleep Show is right for you? Try Sleep Show Lite for free. Sleep Show Lite is just like Sleep Show except only three of the eleven lullabies can be added to the show. While only three lullabies can be added to the show, you can still listen to all eleven lullabies in My Soundtrack, accessed in Settings. You will definitely know whether Sleep Show is right for your after trying Sleep Show Lite.

I hope you like your Sleep Show experience.  If it helps you or somebody you love, please share it with others who might benefit from it.

If you use Sleep Show, please leave a written review in the App Store. Your feedback helps me improve Sleep Show.

Thanks for reading and sweet dreams,
J. Cohen